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The foundation of ABEL Construction Company's 8 decades of professional services is TRUST. And TRUST is the foundation of great PARTNERSHIPS.

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Our projects are what we do. Our Clients are WHY we do it. New software, cutting edge technology and teams of skilled professionals bring expertise to every ABEL project, regardless of size or cost.

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The fastest growing contract delivery method in the construction industry and we are experts at it.

Recent News from ABEL Construction

Catch up on ABEL's great employees, community interests, and awards.

The ABEL way. Respecting our tradition. Valuing our culture. Grateful for our future.
April 16th, 2020
Congratulations on Frank Avis for his retirement & Eric Engle’s new title
April 15th, 2020
Huge thank you to the Norton Healthcare / Norton Cancer Institute staff for teaming up, feeding the crew, and spreading awareness on breast cancer.
May 1st, 2019
Laura will manage the daily operations of the department & will continue to manage projects as she has for years.
March 29th, 2019