Construction Safety Culture

OSHA, KCUC, MSD, KSHE & American Red Cross trained professionals

We are dedicated to enforcing the highest level of employee safety.

Dedicated to Enforcing the Highest Level of Employee Safety

ABEL Construction Company is dedicated to enforcing the highest level of employee safety and environmental consciousness at all of our work sites. Our full-time safety department is staffed with instructors and trainers who have received training from OSHA, KCUC, MSD, KSHE, American Red Cross and other various training organizations.

ABEL Construction Safety Professionals provide health, safety and first aid training, jobsite safety analysis, accident investigation, process hazard assessments and most other safety, environmental or health need. The department also maintains a large selection of environmental and health monitoring equipment, which helps maintain the quality and accuracy of testing and inspecting efforts.

As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, ABEL Construction’s safety guidelines meet the highest standards of quality, integrity and excellence. Our philosophy of total prevention through planning, accountability, training, and education is a core value that’s continually reinforced throughout our team.

Safety Philosophy

1. As a condition of employment, all field Superintendents are required to complete the thirty-hour OSHA Construction training and must be certified in First Aid/CPR. Additional safety training is conducted by the safety department when required as site specific scope of work dictates. Superintendents also complete safety compliance training.

2. All ABEL Construction employees and craftspeople receive safety orientation upon hire and are required to maintain a current drug-free certification. The entire ABEL Construction Company team is subject to random and post-incident substance abuse testing.

3. Compliance and hazard mitigation training is managed by our staff of Safety Professionals, who are overseen by our Director of Safety and ultimately the senior management staff.

4. Field superintendents perform pre-shift job briefings that address the scope of work and the hazards associated with the tasks at hand. Field Superintendents and / or Safety Professionals also hold weekly safety meetings with the craftspeople on the job. These meetings consist of hazard recognition and mitigation.

5. Superintendents are rewarded quarterly and / or annually for producing an injury-free workplace.

6. Field employees are rewarded quarterly for producing an injury free workplace and creating a safe work environment.

7. Compromises of our safety culture are promptly and appropriately addressed, penalties for unsafe acts range from written warnings to immediate termination of employment.

8. Project sites are frequently audited by our Safety Professionals. All findings are forwarded to Executive Management for review. Sites that are less than 100% compliance are required to correct the infraction(s) immediately and implement corrective actions that prevent reoccurrence.

9. Subcontractor qualifications are based on the previous three-year history of their incident and experience modification rates. They must present appropriate training data verifying that all persons are qualified to perform their assigned tasks.

10. Subcontractors are audited frequently over the course of work and are required to mitigate hazardous environments or acts immediately.

11. Before beginning work, subcontractors are required to sign our contract Safety Addendum, which binds them into adherence with all OSHA Standards applicable to their scope of work, as well as compliance with ABEL Construction rules that may exceed OSHA’s regulations.

12. Every Abel employee, including subcontractors, have the “AUTHORITY TO STOP UNSAFE WORK”.  All Abel employees possess a “Safety Coin” as a daily reminder of their responsibility to one another to stop unsafe work.

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